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Daughters of the Virin Mary

Welcome to the Daughters of the Virgin Mary group at Saints Peter & Paul Catholic Church. As we honor our Heavenly Mother throughout our lives, we also recognize the importance of dedicating time to celebrate the great women of our parish.


Our Mission

Our group comprises diverse women of all ages and professions, each with unique experiences and backgrounds. Despite their varied roles in building families and pursuing successful careers, these women share a common commitment to spiritual growth and charitable endeavors.

The Daughters of the Virgin Mary exemplify true devotion to Jesus, Mary, and Joseph through their active involvement in the work of Saints Peter & Paul Church. Through prayer, service, and fellowship, our members strive to deepen their faith and spread love and compassion within our community. Join us as we journey together in faith, united by our shared devotion to our Heavenly Mother and our commitment to serving others.

Meet The Team

Coming Soon...

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