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Our Community

In September 2001, Father Abdallah Zaidan M.L.M. established Saints Peter and Paul Mission to cater to the needs of Middle Eastern Christian families in Ventura County and neighboring valleys.

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Father Pierre Albalaa became the Administrator, overseeing the establishment of worship at Saint Bernardine of Sienna Church in Woodland Hills, where the first Mass was celebrated on June 29, 2002, coinciding with the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul.

The Mission's growth prompted the annual Gathering from October 2003 onwards, becoming a significant source of income and goodwill. Father Pierre's success led to his assignment in Mexico, with Father Jean Yammine assuming leadership in 2009. The Mission's expansion necessitated additional Masses, leading to relocation to Saint Martin In The Fields Church in Winnetka in 2008.

Significant milestones included the ordination of the first Subdeacons in 2009 and the establishment of the annual Saints Peter and Paul Feast Day Festival. In 2010, Father Abdallah Zaiden M.L.M. and Father Elias Sleiman M.L.M. took direct control, focusing on acquiring a permanent church property, culminating in the purchase of a property in Simi Valley, California.

The dedication of Saints Peter and Paul Maronite Catholic Church in Simi Valley in 2012 marked a significant milestone. In 2013, Fr. Joe Daccache was appointed Administrator, implementing new Mass schedules and establishing pastoral initiatives to enhance the community spiritually and socially, including the construction of shrines for Saint Charbel and Our Lady of the Garden of Simi Valley.

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